The Manufacturer Cost Reduction Program®

The MCR Program is offered to member facilities through HGP and US Foods. Participants enjoy HGP negotiated rebates (100% of rebate money is paid quarterly to the participating facilities) and deviated pricing programs (net discounts off invoice) with over 60 national manufacturers. Depending on the product mix, overall savings average between 5% and 15% (and in some cases, as much as 25%).

HGP calculates the rebates, provides statement details and facilitates payment to the participant either by check or credit memo through US Foods. Each quarter, participants receive a personal savings statement - providing a convenient summary of savings, as well as in-depth details and a historical perspective. It also lists the manufacturers that are not being utilized, offering the opportunity to maximize savings

The MCR Program has evolved with the needs of the members. Based on member input, contracts are added, deleted or changed on an ongoing basis, targeting high-priced or high volume items in order to maximize savings and the value of the program.

Member benefits include:

  • Competitive prices with group oversight monitoring
  • High quality products and services
  • Easy online and mobile ordering
  • Best deals flagged online
  • Best in-class added-value services
  • Available to all market segments (excluding IR)

The HGP Food Service Program was developed by paticipating members as a cost effective alternative to contract management. The focus is keeping costs per resident day within budget. The Food Service portfolio includes US Foods plus individual contracts for milk, ice cream, disposables, coffee + tea, ware washing + laundry chemicals, and small wares.

In addition to US Foods, HGP members can save with:

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