Unilever Showcase: Liquid Concentrated Bases
Knorr Seafood Base: APN# 237760
Knorr Chicken Base: APN# 3673308
Knorr Beef Base: APN# 3673134
Knorr Vegetable Base: APN# 3673316
MCR Rebate from $1.75 - $2.00 per case.

Chef Brandon's Menu:
Lobster, Crawfish, and Cornbread Stuffing – creating with Knorr Liquid Concentrated Seafood Base APN# 237760 • $2.00 MCR Rebate
Holiday Turkey – brining with Knorr Liquid Concentrated Chicken Base APN# 3673308 • $1.75 MCR Rebate
Beef Gravy – From base to au jus, to gravy using Knorr Liquid Concentrated Beef Base APN# 3673134 • $1.75 MCR Rebate
Roasted Seasonal Vegetables – Seasoning with Knorr Liquid Concentrated Vegetable Base APN# 3673316 • $1.75 MCR Rebate


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